Nothern Lights – The Complete Collections is an ITV series that aired on BBC America and was produced from 2004-2008. The series follows the lifelong friends and rivals, Colin Armstrong (Ronson Green) and Howard Scott (Mark Benton) on their hilarious misadventures. From a stint in witness protection to an international Santa competition, there is never a dull moment in these two lives.

During their school age days their rivalries were always over soccer teams, girls and clothes. The series follows the two from school age up til they become adults and are married in their thirties. Even as adults there is always a competition between the two. They find themselves competing over jobs, cars and even as far as who has the better Christmas decorations on their homes.

Colin and Howard are so hell bent on outdoing each other that they risk jeopardizing everything and everyone around them, especially their wives, Jackie and Pauline. They find there is no escaping each other, for good or for ill, the bitterest of rivals yet the best of friends.

Northern Lights – The Complete Collection
includes 2 movies, Christmas Lights and Clash of the Santas and 12 episodes on the DVD set that goes on sale on February 7, 2012. The 12 episodes are divided into 6 episodes for Northern Lights and 6 episodes for City Lights.

The series also stars Nicola Stephenson and Sian Reeves. The DVD set has 4 discs and the approximate running time is 713 minutes. Ht also comes with a bonus of behind the scenes of Northern Lights which runs about 46 additional minutes.

To pre-order your copy of Northern Lights – The Complete Collection just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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