She won the election… but can she win over her colleagues?

After she has been elected Member of Parliament for the left-wing Labor Party, Jean Price (Penelope Keith) faces the challenge of finding a way to get along with her chauvinist fellow MP’s while navigating the Machiavellian world of Westminster. As Tory snob Sir Godfrey Eagan (George Baker) enjoys telling her, Parliament is Parliament, tradition is tradition and rules are rules.”

Jean is determined to fight for her convictions, which include more opportunities for women. She finds herself stymied by Parliamentary procedures, surrounded by swollen egos and frequently lobbied by her constituents.

The new MP is married to Geoff Price (Mark Kingston) and she finds herself having to juggle her duties as a MP with being a wife and mother and still being able to run her household. While her husband gives her moral support in her new position he likes to tease her saying MP stands for “missing person” instead of Member of Parliament.

This DVD set, No Job For A Lady comes with 3 discs covering the three series with 6 episodes in each series which are as follows:

Series One

Who Goes Home?
The Maiden Over
There Should Be a Law Against It!
Questions, Questions!
A Member of the Committee
Take a Copy!

Series Two

Strange Bedfellows
But I Voted For You!
White Knights
Poetic Justice
Undesirable Aliens
No Rumor in the Faith

Series Three

Hawks and Doves
A Bed for the Night
Sugar and Spice
I’d Like To See You Do It!
What Care? What Compensation?
Lobby Terms

Critics say the performance of Penelope Keith is one of her best ever in this British comedy. If you would like to get your own copy of No Job For A Lady just click on the Amazon icon above and order one.

Jan Barrett

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