This is a political comedy about life in Parliament. Jean Price (played by Penelope Keith) wins an election as Member of Parliament for the left-wing Labour Party. Once winning she now has to face the hard part of the job by being able to get along with her chauvinist fellow MP’s while navigating the Machiavellian world of Westminster. As Tory snob Sir Godfrey Eagan (played by George Baker) tells her –a bit too gleefully—“Parliament is Parliament, tradition is tradition, and rules us rules”

Jean knows it a challenge but is determined to fight for her convictions, which include a lot more opportunities for women. She finds that she is stymied by Parliament procedures, surrounded by swollen egos and frequently lobbied by her constituents.

Jean also has to face problems her new job brings for her at home. Her husband, Geoff, (played by Mark Kingston) shows her moral support but he doesn’t exactly like the long hours she has to put in. He even jokes with her saying that MP must stand for “missing person”

No Job For A Lady was directed by John Howard Davies and this set includes all of it’s three series. The British comedy set, which was seen on public television, is a 3 disc set with 18 episodes as follows:

1.    Who Goes Home?
2.    The Maiden Over
3.    There Should Be a Law Against It
4.    Questions, Questions
5.    A Member of the Committee
6.    Take a Copy
7.    Strange Bedfellows
8.    But I Voted For You
9.    White Knights
10.    Poetic Justice
11.    Undesirable Aliens
12.    No Rumour To The Truth
13.    Hawks and Doves
14.    A Bed For the Night
15.    Sugar and Spice
16.    I’d Like To See You Do It
17.    What Care? What Compensation?
18.    Lobby Terms

If you enjoy British comedy, then you should enjoy this DVD set, No Job For A Lady: The Complete Collection. You can click the Amazon link above to get your own copy to enjoy at home.

Jan Barrett

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