Unplugged In New YorkOn November 18th, 1993 at Sony Studios in New York, MTV taped their most famous and crittically acclaimed Unplugged special with the rock group Nirvana. Though popular on its own, this Unplugged special became infamous with the untimely death of frontman Kurt Cobain only four months later.

This long anticipated DVD package includes the original unedited footage in its entirety as well as the edited MTV-aired version as a bonus feature. Seeing this iconic group perform in such an intimate setting, and with such minimal instrumentation is something of a revelation, especially considering that the band opted not to do a list of hits, and instead spent a good deal of time doing covers and showcasing other musicians, such as The Meat Puppets.

Though Nirvana familiars like “Come As You Are” and “Polly” are performed quietly and emotionally, other little-known titles like “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” not only showed the band’s love of Lead Belly, but introduced audiences to a different side of these grunge leaders. And while interviews reveal that Cobain was strikingly nervous during the performance, he hardly reveals an edge, joking with the audience and taking his time between songs to decide what to do next and to prepare.

Anyone who witnessed this concert when it first aired, or has since become a fan of Nirvana will be more than pleased with the treatment given the DVD release. Additional features include MTV News: Bare Witness, a 14 minute recap of the concert involving fans who were there and technicians and producers who helped organize the event. Some rehearsal footage is also included, though it is mainly for die-hard fans. Regardless of your opinion of Nirvana, it is undeniable that this is a very complete package of an incredible concert, and even music snobs will have difficulty finding something to complain about.

Zach’s Rating: A
Perfect For: Nirvana fans waiting for this DVD for years
Stay Away if: Kurt Cobain and acoustic guitars don’t do it for you

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