nickelback-1.jpgHere is a question for you. What to you get when you combine 35 thousand motorbike fans, add the location of Sturgis, add the hard rock band Nickelback, and for fun throw in the best music videographer in the music business? The answer is this fabulous DVD.

I have often been accused of being somewhat unorthodox in my reviews, so I feel the need to maintain this practice by starting at the end. I watch many video versions of concerts, most are made with the video equivalent of a couple of ‘BB’ Guns, there is one guy though that uses a battery of video howitzers and that is Dan Catullo. I watched the first 5 minutes of this video and said to my wife “There is only one guy on the planet that could have been behind this production”. I was right, I looked it up, Dan strikes again. 17 High Def cams, some fixed, some hand held, and at least one or two remote controlled on high mounted wires (this is the technology used for NFL game coverage). Dan Catullo is without doubt the premier music video producer today. In fact last year I had the opportunity to sit down with Dan and talk about another video project filmed at the same time at the same location, you can catch the interview here.

nickelback-3.jpgOk, enough of my waxing lyrical on the subject of production, lets talk the ‘meat and potatos’. This is a bang up concert, ideal band for an ideal crowd. Nickelback are in fine form belting out songs that the crowd clearly loves.

I decided to try an experiment with this review, my stepson Joey Serigne is not usually a fan of music, prefering Rap and Hip Hop instead, however he expressed some interest in this particular DVD so I asked him to watch it and let me know what he thought. So here is Joey’s debut as a reviewer:

Coming to you live from the Sturgis Bike Week in South Dakota is Nickelback, performing 12 of their best songs to date.

Now, I’ve been a fan of Nickelback for a few years now, but I have never attended a concert of theirs, and to be truthful I’ve never exactly had the urge to do so…up until now. This is one of the best performances I have ever seen, even being on DVD. The entrance to the stage set was amazing, the pyros were fantastic! I’ve dreamed of being at a concert like this, front row, everything! This gives a good feel to what it’s like to be at a concert,the atmosphere you can feel sitting on your sofa watching’s…well, I don’t exactly know how to describe it other than amazing.
I remember first listening to Nickelback..the first song I’d ever heard from them was “Next Contestant”. I’ve never really listened to rock before I listened to this band, but something about it made me want to hear more,I listened to more and more songs. Before long I had listened to most of their favorites range from Animals, Photograph, Rockstar, Fight for All the Wrong Reasons, How you Remind Me, just to name a few. Yeah, they’re all from the newer albums, with the exception of one or two, but hey..that’s my taste for good music.

So there you have it, me the aging 50 something likes this concert, and my 18 year old stepson gives it the thumbs up as well. I do believe this is the very first time we have been in agreement on music 🙂

You can get a flavor of the concert from this video trailer, and buy the DVD from Amazon. Great DVD!

Simon Barrett & Joey Serigne

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