A group of retired detectives decide to come out of retirement to team up with Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) during an investigation. Detectives Jack Halford (James Bolam), Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong) and Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) are asked by the superintendent to help her on the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad. The group works well together as they crack cold cases using old-school skills instead of the modern day ways.

New Tricks, Season 8 brings the team from a museum to a zoo and from a biker to a witness protection as they go through evidence searching for criminals that thought they no longer needed to run from the law for the crimes they committed.

During their free time, Detective Gerry Standing finds time to sign up for French cooking lessons, while Sandra tries coping with her handsome ex. They all worry about budget cuts in the department, but they all stay with the cases they are assigned to.

There are 10 episodes on this DVD set.

1.    Old Fossils – The opening of the new series is about the murder of a paleontologist at the Natural History museum. It was discovered that he was respected man but he was an outspoken scientist that has a rep of rubbing people the wrong way.

2.    End Of The Line – An unidentified vagrant was murdered on the tube train 15 years ago. The case was reopened when DND tests discovers that the vagrant had a son.

3.    Lost In Translation – DNA tests lead the team to a fingerprint analyst, Anna King, who was brought from the UK as a child by her father, David, who worked as a police interpreter.

4.    Setting Out Your Stall – The team has a suspect in a murder but can’t prove it. Kathy Green had died after drinking drugged coffee and they suspect in the case Anthony Gunnell is a man that raped women after giving them drugged coffee.

5.    Moving Target – A psychologist asks the team solve a hit and run case that left her brother with memory loss and a brain injury. It is believed to be that her brother was carrying a package that someone wanted.

6.    Object of Desire – An ex of Sandra’s, DCI Larson asks the team to open up the case of a murdered antiques dealer, Mal Baxter. They first considered the case as a burglary that had gone wrong but new evidence shows that Baxter was a police informant while working on underhanded deals.

7.    The Gentleman Vanishes – Anonymous emails are being sent to a woman that claims they know what happened to her husband, a prominent scientist that disappeared while on a train to Paris.

8.    Only The Brave – Stephanie Parr, the girlfriend of a man that is out for revenge against the man he believes killed his father, turns to The UCOS (Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad) for help in proving that her boyfriend is targeting the wrong man for his father’s murder.

9.    Half Life – A murder victim, Christopher Collins, that is famous for a website about unsolved crimes leads the team of investigators to finding out that he was in a witness protection program

10.    Tiger Tiger – A zookeeper that was originally said to be mauled to death by a tiger when he was found in the tigers den, is now showing evidence that he may have been murdered and then put into the den m making this a murder case.

New Tricks, Season 8 is a 3-Disc set with the 10 episodes. Its approximate running time is 589 minutes plus 19 minutes of behind the scenes featurette.

If you want to get your own copy of this DVD set, New Tricks, Season 8 just click on the Amazon link above and you can pre-order it. It goes on sale which is being released by Acorn Media, on September 25, 2012.

Jan Barrett

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