In the news we hear about crimes being solved years after they originally occurred, like a murder or a robbery. Once the police have done everything possible to solve some cases, and can’t seem to resolve them, the case gets put on the shelf and becomes labeled as cold cases. No one likes to see this happen but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Sometimes a special team is put together specifically for solving cold cases, which is what we have here. New Tricks: Season 7 is about a group of retired cops brought together to solve some of the cold cases that have been sitting on the back shelf.

new_tricks_cast.jpgWe have Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) as the boss of three detectives, Gerald “Gerry” Standing is an ex-Detective Sergeant (Dennis Waterman), ex- Detective Inspector Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong), and ex-Detective Shief Superintendent John Alan “Jack” Halford (James Bolam) all of whom have been pulled out of retirement in order to try to unravel cases that have completely stumped the Metropolitan Police Department.

Sandra’s job is to keep the trio of detectives on track and she fights to keep them out of trouble as they follow their hunches and try bending the rules. In series 7 the detectives have their hands full as they are handed cases involving unsolved murders, an 18 year old abduction and a 30 year old robbery that actually the teams very existence.

New Tricks: Series 7 comes with 10 new episodes:

1.    Dark Chocolate
2.    Good Morning Lemmings
3.    It Smells of Books
4.    Coming Out Ball
5.    Dead Man Talking
6.    Fashion Victim
7.    Left Field
8.    Gloves Off
9.    There’s Smoke
10.  The Fourth Man

The DVD set comes with 3 discs that run approximately 582 minutes with as a bonus behind the scenes featurette and bloopers.

I think detectives that work on cold cases are interesting and they deserve a lot of credit for their work. I have a lot of respect for someone that is willing to work on cases that are decades old to try to solve. I guess that is one reason this program works for me. I just hate seeing any case being turned over to cold cases.

To get a copy of this DVD set, New Tricks: Series 7, just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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