This DVD set, New Tricks Season 5 is known to be the best television detective show ever shown on BBC. The series is filled with sharp writing, dry humor and engrossing mysteries. There are 8 episodes included in this season which went on sale in September on DVD in the US.

New Tricks Season 5 is about a team of aging cops that tackle cold cases that the Metropolitan Police have given up on. Superintendent Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman) is the leader of the team. Each one of the members of the team have have had their fair share of personal demons.

Jack Halford (James Bolam) feels haunted over his wife’s murder, Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) has a troubled relationship with his daughter, Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong) has a drinking problem and Sandra continues to look for the truth about her family’s shady past.

Season 5’s guest list includes Claire Bloom, Kames Fox, David Troughton and Ronald Pickup. The set comes with 3 discs and includes 8 episodes listed below:

1.    Spare Parts – Ricky Hanson is on trial for attempted murder of Jack Halford
2.    Final Curtain – After Ricky Hanson’s trial and release, Jack disappears.
3.    A Face For Radio – An arson case that killed a radio DJ is reopened after 10 years
4.    Loyalties and Royalties – Jack reappears. A 30 year old suicide case is reopened after a confession was made from someone on their deathbed.
5.    Couldn’t Organise One – A botched up case by a bad cop who happened to be a colleague of Sandra’s Dad. Working on this case brings out some facts that Sandra didn’t know about her Dad.
6.    Magic Majestic – The question here is as Brian and Gerry get involved in this case, they wonder could magic actually force a girl to commit murder.
7.    Communal Living – The team investigates a death within a commune. Sandra and Brian question the commune’s ways.
8.    Mad Dogs – The team gets involved in the investigation of a soldier’s death. The soldier, Eric Trimble was beaten to death.

The total running time for this DVD set in approximately 467 minutes. You will also get as a bonus behind-the-scenes featurette that runs for 12 minutes.

If you would like to get your own copy of New Tricks Season 5 just click on the Amazon icon above. I think it is worth the buy.

Jan Barrett

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