If you are a fan of TV shows filled with a lot of crime drama then you should enjoy New Tricks Season 3. It is based on three former detectives that have retired as they team up with a sexy-ambitious Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman). The three detectives being pulled back out of retirement are, Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) who has quite the reputation as a womanizer, Brian Lane (Alun Armstrong) who is clinically depressed and Jack Halford (James Bolami) who like to talk to his wife a lot. Sure there is nothing wrong with that but his wife happens to be dead.

The team of detectives is assigned to some tough crime cold cases and some wonder if their ages will have any influence on them being able to do the job needed to be done in order to solve these cases.

Of course with the ages of the detectives one would expect to see a lot of old fashioned detective work done but the question is, is it enough to solve these crimes? Or can they learn some new tricks in order to crack the tough cases?

New Tricks Season 3 does an awesome job at mixing the seriousness of a cold case with humor. There are 8 episodes included in this set and each one of them has plenty of humor, yet they each express just how serious the case is.

The series New Tricks Season 3 has aired on the BBC for 7 seasons since the year 2003 and it has gained a lot fans on both sides of the pond. The set comes in 3 discs and it runs approximately 463 minutes total. There is a bonus feature with behind the scenes featurette and cast filmographies and it goes on sale on February 22, 2011.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of New Tricks, Season 3, just click on the Amazon link above. I don’t think you will regret buying it.

Jan Barrett

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