The Most Evil Men In History Brought To Justice

Every so often a truly sparking documentary series comes to light, and Nazi Hunters is among the very best.
It was in someways strange how quickly the Western World lost interest in bringing these fugitives to justice after the conclusion of World War II. Much of this can be explained by countries not willing to dredge up the past, it was better to move forward than open old wounds.

There were some people and organizations that disagreed with this philosophy. The DVD set Nazi Hunters is an 8 episode documentary that combines actual footage and interviews, very well produced re-enactments, and modern commentary.

When it comes to Nazi Hunters there are two names that spring to mind the Israeli Mossad, and Simon Weisenthal. While the world slept the these people toiled.

It did not take long for them to discover that many of the high ranking Nazi’s had fled to the relatively safe haven offered in certain parts of South America.

In some ways the iconic novel penned by Fredrick Forsyth. The Oddessa File is much closer to fact than fiction.

There are any number of factual books that heve been written of the subject of tracking the Nazi hierarchy, I for one like The House On Garabaldi Street which details the hunt for Adolf Eichmann through the eyes of the the leader of the Mossad team that kidnapped him and put him on trial in Israel.

Nazi Hunters includes:

Episode 1: Herbert Cukurs
Episode 2: Adolf Eichmann
Episode 3: Klaus Barbie
Episode 4: Erich Priebke
Episode 5: Joseph Mengle
Episode 6: Kurt Lischka
Episode 7: Paul Touvier
Episode 8: Gustav Wagner/Franz Strangl

Each story is unique in its own way, and each deserves to watched and understood. This is a really superb set of documentaries. 8 men with blood on there hands that were finally held accountable.

World War II was long before most of us were born, yet it is a very important episode from the 20th century. I believe that understanding the past gives us an edge on understanding the present, and even the future.

You can oder your copy of Nazi Hunters by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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