James Nesbitt is the uncompromising Irish cop, Tommy Murphy. He regularly puts his life on the line as he goes deep undercover with criminal gangs and battling his own demons.

Series 4 has Murphy becoming a friend to a vicious hoodlum in order to bring down a drug empire. Murphy also struggles to take care of his mother who unfortunately doesn’t even recognize him anymore due to the fact that she has Alzheimer’s disease.

In series 5 two other undercover officers go missing and Murphy is determined to solve the case even though his superiors seem to be dragging their feet. His investigation mires him in a world of human trafficking, prostitution and murder.

This DVD set, Murphy’s Law, set 4 & 5 comes with 6 episodes on 2 discs:

Disc 1 (Series 4)

Episode 1
– While on leave of absence to help tend to his mother, Murphy is called out to infiltrate the Johnston brothers, Billy and Drew, two hard-boiled Belfast criminals exiled to England. A blotched drug deal helps Murphy win Drew’s confidence.

Episode 2 – Murphy’s cover in compromised when someone steals a police report. Billy follows him to Belfast, bent on retribution. Murphy gives Billy the choice of either going to jail for a very long time or working with him to learn the real reason for the upcoming marriage for Drew.

Episode 3 – Billy disrupts Drew’s wedding when they figure out the motive for the match, it is all about money and shadowy banking practices. Drew learns the truth about his new father-in-law’s plans for him. Murphy gets caught up in the final showdown between Billy and Drew.

Disc 2 (Series 5)

Episode 1 – Two undercover officer, Mitch and Kim have disappeared and Murphy feels responsible. With both of them being Murphy’s friends, he follows a trail of clues hoping to find them but the clues lead him to a group of human traffickers and sex traders.

Episode 2 – Kim leaves clues of her own, one being written in her own blood. Murphy ingratiates himself with the head of the traffickers, Mark Baker, who is a former British army officer with ties in the Balkans. Murphy goes to Cardiff with one of the thugs because he thinks Kim might be there, but the situation gets out of hand.

Episode 3
– Even though his cover has been blown and time seems to be running out for Kim, Murphy ignores orders from his superiors and he finally locates her. Kim has endured a terrible ordeal, justice may evade for her but for Murphy it’s the last straw.

As an extra with this DVD set, you will get notes from James Nesbitt. If you would like a copy of this DVD set, Murphy’s Law – Series 4 & 5 click on the Amazon link above to order one.

Jan Barrett

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