I wrote a review on Murphy’s Law Series One back in January, and I must say it was an interesting series. Tommy Murphy’s (played by James Nesbitt) daughter was murdered by the IRA who forced James’s wife witness the murder. James goes through life feeling responsible for his daughter’s death and because of this death holds no fear for him. He covers his troubled past with his Irish charm and wisecracking demeanor, but the demons within him just can’t stay away forever.

In Series Two Nesbitt returns as the undercover cop, James Nesbitt in this DVD Set where the stakes are higher and Murphy is tormented even more. This set includes six different episodes which I am sure anyone would love to watch.

In the first episode titled “Jack’s Back” a serial killer is stalking London’s West End and he seems to be aiming mostly at homeless women as his victims. Murphy goes undercover as a homeless man to try and solve the case by finding the killer.

The second episode, “Bent on the Moon”, we have a young police officer with a promising future ahead of him that commits suicide. Murphy goes under cover and learns that everyone in the squad seems to be on the take.

The third episode, “Ringers” Murphy once again goes undercover to infiltrate a car smuggling ring. Along with a French Agent he poses as a expert thief in order to impress the brains behind the ring. Little does Murphy know but Benoit seems to have a hidden agenda of his own which can put them both in danger.

“Alice” is the fourth episode. A young boy drowns in the river and his mother, Alice, tries to convince everyone that her son was poisoned from a chemical leak from a nearby biotech laboratory but she has no proof so Murphy goes undercover as a cleaner to see what he can find.

In the fifth episode, “Convent” Murphy finds himself on a case where a novice nun has apparently committed suicide and when another nun disappears he is prompted to don a priests robe to investigate within the convent hoping to solve the mystery before others die.

Finally in episode six, “The Group” we find a case where the murderers are being killed making one wonder if this is a coincidence or is it someone out for revenge. Murphy joins a support group for relatives for murder victims and while investigating the true story of his own daughter’s death surfaces and Murphy has the name of the one who killed her.

Murphy’s Law Series Two will be released on this 2 DVD set on April 27, 2010 and the total air time that it runs is approximately 302 minutes. This is an action packed crime series and if that is what you like watching then I recommend this set. I think you will enjoy it.

You can get your copy by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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