What’s not exciting about watching something full of action, even if it is intense at times and despite the violence and bloody scenes? It is all in a day’s job for a certain Irish cop as he takes on the London Crime World.

In this DVD Set we find Tommy Murphy (James Nesbitt) working undercover as he poses as a hit man for the underworld crime boss. As he goes deeper undercover he faces things like having to fake assassinations, not to mention putting his own life at risk. Murphy finds himself having to sabotage a complex police operation while trying to find a bigger prize.  He takes a personal beating throughout the series as he works his way trying desperately to bring down the crime boss that kills cops.

Murphy’s Law, Series 3 comes with six episodes filled with action but I should warn you of the violence, nudity, language and disturbing images so you might not want to view it with your kids around. The 6 episodes include:

1.    The Goodbye Look
2.    Disorganized Crime
3.    Strongbox
4.    Extra Mile
5.    Boy’s Night Out
6.    Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts

The story line builds more as you go through each episode, with each going deeper than the one before. Murphy walks between deception and detection, and now that he has lost friends, lovers and even his own daughter he is certainly in danger of losing himself.

Guest stars in this set include Michael Fassbender, Mark Womack, Owen Teal and Michael Feast. Murphy’s Law ran for five seasons here in America on BBC America and it debuted in the U.K. on BBC One in May 2005. Total airtime is approximately 352 minutes and comes with SDH subtitles. You also get an added bonus with a biography of James Nesbitt.

The San Francisco Chronicle says, “Eminently watchable…Nesbitt acts the hell out of the lead role.”

“Clever and unsettling… Murphy wins over everyone including viewers” says  Entertainment Weekly.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution we hear, “One tough, compelling cop …Nesbitt with his mix of self destructiveness, smarts and soul is as watchable as Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect or Robbie Coltrano in Cracker.”

Murphy’s Law, Series 3
goes on sale on February 15, 2011 so if you click the Amazon link right now you can pre-order your own personal copy. You won’t regret it if you like action packed entertainment.

Jan Barrett

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