Imagine being a crime team investigator back in the 1890’s. This is where this DVD set takes us. Murdoch Mysteries – Season 4 places us in the 1980’s where they have Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) with a team of investigators pushing the boundaries of Victorian era criminal science to solve the most baffling murders in the Toronto area.

The good Detective get assistance from Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) and constable George Crabtree (Jonny Harris) as they find themselves having to deal with cases such as a would be vampire, a costumes killer and ruthless mobsters. Cases are solved by using methods that are unusual in their era of time such as fingerprinting, human blood testing, surveillance and trace evidence.

Detective Murdoch also has to deal with personal problems too like his struggles to subdue his feelings towards his former sweetheart Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy).

Guests in season four include Victor Garber, Simon Williams, Peter Keleghan and a cameo appearance with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Murdoch Mysteries – Season 4 includes 13 episodes:

1.    All Tattered and Torn – Body parts (a foot, a hand and a headless torso)surface along the river. After investigations it is revealed the body parts are that of three different victims.

2.    Kommando – Murdoch investigates a military unit after a young man is found savagely beaten to death. He finds out some very disturbing underhand medical practices that none of the soldiers are aware of.

3.    Buffalo Shuffle – Murdoch says he is taking a vacation which turns out to be he is meeting with Dr. Ogden when she asks for his help in solving what she thinks is a murder in Buffalo at the Children’s Hospital.

4.    Upstairs, Downstairs – The master of a wealthy household is found face down in his morning breakfast, which brings Detective Murdoch to try to solve the case.

5.    Monsieur Murdoch – A letter written by Julia is sent to Murdoch where she confesses her love for him and he has no idea it is there and to make matters worse Julia is marrying Rafe in a week.

6.    Dead End Street – A dolls house becomes a crime scene as Murdoch finds that in one of the houses the artist has placed a hand firing a gun.

7.    Confederate Treasure – The body of an elderly drifter is found near the docks with a whiskey flask clenched in his hands, which proves to be a murder.

8.    Dial M for Murdoch – A murder is reported over the telephone lines and the switchboard operator overhears it.

9.    The Black Hand – Murdoch finds a personal connection to a murdered victim. He was once involved with the victim’s fiancé.

10.    Voices – At the cemetery when an elderly nun is about to be buried someone at the funeral looked into the ground, where the nun is to be laid to rest, sees something poking out of the dirt which turns out to be a human hand. After Mudsoch arrives to investigate, other surprises unfold involving the convent.

11.    Bloodlust – A teen age girl collapses and dies at the fountain at The Gordon Academy for Young Women. Murdoch and Ogden are called out to investigate.

12.    Kissing Bandit – Murdoch is called in on a case after three banks have been robbed by a man who is now called the Kissing Bandit. Each time the man robs a bank he gets the teller to put money in his bag and then before running out he kisses her on the lips.

13.    Murdoch in Wonderland – A woman is found murdered at a costume party held in honor of Lewis Carroll. The problem is that during the investigation all the clues lead to a character dressed like the Mad Hatter but this is a problem since the party guest dressed as the Mad Hatter is none other than Murdoch himself. Now his colleagues work to prove it wasn’t him.

Murdoch Mysteries – Season 4 comes with behind the scene featurettes and alternate love letters. The 13 episodes come on 4 discs and the approximate running time is 598 minutes.

If you are interested in this DVD set just click on the Amazon link above and you can buy your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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