Going to college for the first time is a huge step for anyone, but for a young man named Josh (Jamie Dufault) it was a really bad experience with the college he chose to attend in a small New England town. Josh already had to deal with a personal issue, the death of his father, but he soon learns the school he is attending seems to be having the student body constantly shrinking due to the machinations of the Greensboro Devil.

Josh was trying to adjust to his bunk-mate who was liked filming porn, a professor who seems to hate him (for no good reason) and some bullies that liked sniffing glue when he soon finds himself a victim of the trio of axe wielding cult members that wore masks to cover their identities and hooded robes. After being attacked Josh is left to bleed to death but is found and brought to a hospital.

While recovering this brutal attack, Josh joins forces with lead detective, Ray Forrester (Michael Thurber) and his daughter Meg (Sammie Accampora) to try an stop the killers before anyone else is killed even though the good Detective gives Josh fair warnings that if he laid a hand on his daughter, he would cut off his privates with a rusty tuna can.

The Detective, his daughter and Josh work together in order to uncover why the killings are occurring, reveal the legacy of the murder and the occult that has been kept buried for decades on campus.

You can watch the official trailer for Murder University below:

If you would like to pre-order a copy of this DVD, Murder University from Amazon, you can click on the link above and do so. The street day for it is scheduled for October 15, 2013!

Jan Barrett

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