I love watching CSI on TV. I find it fascinating to see how they use modern technology to find evidence to use to solve a crime. I think that is why this DVD set, Murder Investigation Team – Series 2 caught my eye. It authentically profiles the gritty realities faced by the Special Crimes Unit of London’s Metropolitan Police.

This series follows an intense team of investigators led by DC Rosie MacManus (Lindsey Coulson) and DC Trevor Hands (Michael McKell). They rely on both modern technology and old fashioned instinct to find those responsible for gruesome crimes.

Love triangles, family estrangements, greed and lies lead to a series of wrong turns and dead ends, building the pressure to solve cases while the evidence is still fresh and sometimes before the killer can strike again.

Along the way, the investigators struggle to walk the line between professional loyalties and personal interests. Claire Higgins, Kenneth Cranham and Anthony Stewart Head guest star in these final episodes.

Murder Investigation Team – Series 2 comes with two discs each with 2 episodes:

Disc 1

Episode 1 – Phone Tag
The killer of a London man that died on the busy streets of London, hides on the other end of a technological labyrinth that has the team racing to prevent another murder.

Episode 2 – Viper’s Nest
The team investigates the death of a man that fell from the roof of the hospital. They discover the cover-up of a patient’s death after a routine surgery at the same hospital.

Disc 2

Episode 3 – Professional
The team finds a cryptic message at the scene of a football player’s murder which leads them to threatening letters and hone call before he was murdered

Episode 4 – Sexual Tension
Two almost identical murders take an unexpected turn when one of the teams members is on the top of the suspect list. Morale plummets as they realize that solving this murder case could bring answers none of them want to hear.

A bonus added to this DVD set includes an interview with Michael McKell and producer Jonathan Young and character profiles. Murder Investigation Team – Series 2 contains strong language, violence and graphic images. If you would like a copy of it for yourself just click on the Amazon icon above and order one.

Jan Barrett

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