Although he portrays himself as just a civil servant, the cloak and dagger world portrays the mild mannered Mr. Palfrey (played by Alec McCowen) as an invaluable player in the spy game. He is the master of counterespionage and a spy-catcher extraordinaire, he’s smart, discreet, cunning and like having things done the way he wanted them done.

Palfrey has a new boss and she knows of his talents and the dangers of the deceptively charming and utterly ruthless man. She hires an assistant to work with Palfrey but orders him to report back to her on what Palfrey is up to but as always Palfrey sees right through this and comes up with his own ideas.

This 3DVD Disc set, Mr. Palfrey of Westminster Complete Collection has 10 episodes.

One Episode called “Once Your Card is Marked” Palfrey’s new boss, known as “The Coordinator” (played by Caroline Blakiston), wants Palfrey to go after a misfit diplomat because everyone thinks the man is spying for the Soviet Union, but Palfrey doesn’t think the man is what he is made to look like he is. Palfrey thinks the man is being someone’s scapegoat so he investigates they reason for that.

In “The Honeypot and the Bees” a senior defense ministry is having an affair with a woman from Czechoslovakia and when they suddenly disappear “The Coordinator” can smell a breach in state security.

In “The Defector” Palfrey suspects there is a trap when the Coordinator decides to call a press conference announcing the defection of a celebrated Russian author especially since the KGB had started pressuring the author to return back to Russia.

“A Present from Leipzig” is about a Russian icon that was stolen, which leads Palfrey to the home of a wealthy industrialist who makes periodic trips to the Eastern Bloc. Palfrey has many questions as he begins to investigate.

Other episodes in this DVD set include “Freedom from Longing”, “Return to Sender”, “Music of a Dead Prophet”, Official Secret”, “Spy Game”, and “The Baited Trap”.

Mr. Palfrey of Westminster Complete Collection has a total of 501 minutes run time and the DVD release date is September 21, 2010. If you would like to buy your own copy you can just click on the Amazon link above and you can sit in the comforts of your home and enjoy this set about a British Spy that hunts down traitors in the heart of government.

Jan Barrett

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