One of the best horror directors known, Dario Argento marks his return with this shocking gore and artistic brilliance as he concludes his classic “Three Mothers” trilogy. His daughter, Asia Argento stars in this thriller as Sarah. She plays the part of a young American art student who along with her lover’s partner naively opens an urn found in a grave that was discovered and dug up that had been buried since 1815. They decide to rebury the person in the coffin but the priest takes the urn and then he sends it over to the university to examine it hoping they can find out something about the history of it.

While trying to open the urn the friend helping her cuts her finger and her blood drips onto the urn and onto a  talisman found inside the urn.  While alone later the woman tries reading what is on the talisman and strange things start happening. Suddenly she is attacked by evil beings and killed. When Sarah starts coming back she hears noises and peaks in and when she sees her friend she sneaks out to try and call for help but is spotted by one of the monkeys involved. An evil has been released now threatening the whole city of Rome.

Sarah finds herself fighting to keep away from the violence but it seems to be following her where ever she goes. Sarah had inherited special powers from her mother before she died and Sarah has to depend on these powers to fight this evil to save the city because she can’t convince even the police of what is happening.

If you enjoy gory and bloody scenes of death and torture then this would be a great film for you to see. It has some pretty gruesome scenes. I love horror movies and I had to shut my eyes during some of these scenes.

If this is your type of movie then I say go for it. It can be found at Amazon.

Jan Barrett

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