I swear there are more music genres than there are items on a Chinese Take-Away menu! Even in the metal world there are a gazzilion different styles, we have Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Prog Metal, Neo Metal, and a whole bunch more. Well I have found a new one, Roo Metal. Mortification are an Australian Metal band, so I think Roo Metal is a good handle to use for this band.

While they are certainly a good solid metal band, they do offer a uniquely Australian twist to the music world.

Conquer The World is a DVD that is part concert, part travel guide, and part documentary about life on the road for a band. And life on a world tour can be a tough one. Mortification are no newcomers to the music world, they have been playing since 1990, and have twenty albums to their credit. Unfortunately most of these albums are not available in the US, and even if you could get a copy, they likely would not play on your home system because of the boring and completely useless region codes. For those of you not familiar with Region Codes, it is just a silly system that prevents DVD’s bought in one global area to be played in another. I could write an article just about them! Oops I already did

Great band, great music, I love music that has soul, and these folks, actually I suppose I should refer to them as ‘Cobbers’ (I think that is Roo for guys) rock! And the icing on the cake is this DVD has a region code of zero, that means that everyone can enjoy it!

You can get your own copy of these fine roo-rockers from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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