If you are a fan of the US TV series, House, you would probably enjoy this DVD set. Monroe – Series 1 has some of House’s dark humor and an infusion of humanity and warmth.

Monroe, a British medical drama television series, now on DVD, stars the Irish actor, James Nesbitt as Dr. Gabriel Monroe. He is a neurological genius with a quick wit and a heart to match his titantic ego. He doesn’t like to follow the rules unless they are his own. He does manage to infuriate his fellow colleagues and he terrifies interns with his glib repartee and arrogant self-regard. The program gives the audience a riveting look inside the high-stakes medical profession.

Monroe finds that pitting his formidable skills against high risk medical emergencies are only one of his challenges. He and his team must also navigate the toll that medicine takes on patients and doctors, especially when dealing with their personal lives.

The DVD set includes 6 different episodes. One episode includes a woman that has been admitted to the hospital with a brain tumor. Monroe has to help her decide whether to have surgery that could very well save her life, but it also could leave her paralyzed or unable to speak. Meanwhile the good doctor faces troubles in his own private life while his marriage is in trouble.

In another episode a former soldier is admitted that has a blood clot in his brain but Monroe decides not to do surgery on the ex-soldier. In another case he attempts to convince an epileptic man to have surgery that could stop his religious hallucinations.

After a road accident a 13 year old girl comes is admitted but Monroe thinks she has little chance to survive and doing surgery on her could leave her severely damaged but her father pleads with Monroe to do the operation so she can at least have a chance.

This DVD set, Monroe, Series 1 is a 2 disc set that has 6 episodes with a running time of approximately 274 minutes. To get a copy of your own just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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