New Jersey's Bad Boy of ComedyBookended by short clips establishing the premise that he is being given visiting rights from jail for an hour for some “people that want to see him,” Mike Marino’s new live stand-up DVD takes Marino’s nickname (New Jersey’s bad Boy) to heart. Though he gets off to a slow start in the first five minutes, warming the crowd up with jokes involving the EZ Pass and other Jersey-specific references, once he starts on how getting a coffee at Starbucks takes the manliness out of ordering coffee, viewers are likely to be hooked in.

Marino comes at his bits with an interesting style. He’s not unneccesarily crude or offensive, but he also doesn’t shy away from statements that could easily be misconstrued. What he manages to do, with a half-smile throughout, is to come off like a nice guy who just happened to be born with a wicked sense of humor and a potty mouth. Often laughing during his bits (while doing a De Niro impression he laughs so hard that he has to stop and remark “Sometimes I think I’m funny.” before continuing) Marino manages to keep the mood light throughout while throwing out some pretty hilarious material.

Not all of his jokes hit right on the mark, though. A few of them are a little more punny than funny, but for the most part Marino knows his way around a comedy routine. With a heavy emphasis on his Italian heritage, the difference between LA and New Jersey, and a few pot references, Marino delivers a solid hour of comedy that anyone, regardless of religion, political leanings, or race (though if you’re Italian it probably kicks it up a notch) can enjoy.

The extras include four short clips of live performances at dive bars and even at a Marie Callendar’s. It’s mostly Marino making fun of his own tour and talking about how little money he makes, but there’s some funny stuff there, and it’s nice to get a little behind-the-scenes look into the life of a travelling comedian.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Dinner and a movie (as long as the meal is Italian)
Stay Away if: You think Larry the Cable Guy is funny

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