What I Should Have Said Was Nothing - Tales From My Secret Public JournalFilmed in New York City, Mike Birbiglia’s third Comedy Central Special is a “best of” conglomeration of the material from hi s earlier releases Two Drink Mike and My Secret Public Journal Live. So, while much of the material may be familiar to fans, it’s still damn funny. Birbiglia has an easy-going, affable style that gives the audience a certain level of comfort most comedians strive to overcome. Like a less-depressed Steven Wright, or a skinnier Zach Galifinakis, Birbiglia’s deliveries are slow and expertly timed, relying more on the punch lines themselves than on a rapid-fire technique that distracts from his words.

Mostly recounting stories from his “actual” life (quotes are necessary considering that it’s understood that most comedians exaggerate or straight-up lie about what “actually” happened) Birbiglia drives home the point of his social awkwardness and the many mishaps that have resulted. He’s at his funniest when he’s relaying stories of stand-up gigs gone awry, such as his poorly planned topic for jokes at a charity golf tournament and at a Major League Baseball event. Overall, this routine delivers the laughs, though not on a momentous scale. His impersonation of Bush falls a little flat, not because he’s not good at it, but because Bush himself has become such a walking joke that making fun of him is almost redundant.

The extras included on the DVD, as Birbiglia cleverly remarks, are the standout here. The 25 minutes of encore performance from the night of the recording are the funniest part of the dvd, perhaps becuase Birbiglia had gotten his hour special out of the way and could breathe a little easier and interact with the audience a bit more. At one point he even calls out an audience member for mouthing what he thought was “This is awful!” to her friend. (Turns out she was saying “That was awkward.”) While What I Should Have Said Was Nothing is nothing groundbreaking, it’s definitely a solid stand-up disc that includes a good hour of jokes.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Mike Birbiglia fans… obviously
Stay Away if: You’re looking for high energy Dane Cook-ish stand-up
Watch For: The 20 minute encore in the bonus features

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