What evil lurks beyond the well-trimmed hedges of Midsomer!

Some of the most sinister secrets from the villages of Midsomer County are revealed in these British TV mysteries. We have John Nettles as Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby along with his earnest efficient protégé, Detective Sergeant Ben
Jones (Jason Hughes) in this set.

Midsomer Murders, Set 19 (Blu-ray) comes with 2 discs including 4 episodes:

Episode 1 – The Made-To-Measure Murders
A Milton Cross resident, Sonia Woodley is on her way to confession when she is murdered in the courtyard. When the detectives uncover information about the woman’s husband’s death, two years before this, they wonder just what the woman was going to confess. When there is another murder the coroner finds something startling about the murder weapon.

Episode 2 – The Sword of Guillaume
While visiting the Causton Chamber of Commerce in Brighton, Barnaby gets involved in a case of dubious real-estate deals, missing swords and ancient family history. The Mayor’s motives for traveling to the seaside causes Barnaby to become suspicious so he asks his cousin, Brighton’s DCI John Barnaby to help out. They start out with a series of threatening letters to a wealthy landowner that quickly escalates to murder.

Episode 3 – Blood on the Saddle

A woman is shot and killed while working in the dunk tank at Ford Florey’s Wild West Show. Barnaby and Jones find out that the victim’s lover was Jack Fincher, an unpopular farmer involved in a longstanding dispute over a patch of land called “The Swamp”. As the fight over the property intensifies, another murder occurs, leading the detectives to try to find out just who the real owner of “The Swamp” is.

Episode 4 – The Silent Land
Thinking she hit someone with her car in March Magna, Joyce can’t find a body but when the local librarian is found dead in a graveyard she is convinced that she is responsible. Barnaby and Jones investigate the librarian’s particular fixation with the cemetery and they uncover the town’s ghastly history of murder, haunted inns and cursed sanatoriums.

If you are a Midsomer Murders fan then you will love this one. Midsomer Murders, Set 19 (Blu-ray) can be found on Amazon, just click on their icon above and order your copy.

Jan Barrett

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