The famous Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby is back in Midsomer Murders working cases in the villages of England’s deadliest county of Midsomer. John Nettles takes up his role as the detective once again in this set of mysteries Midsomer Murders premiered in the United Kingdom in March of 1997. They have filmed almost eighty episodes, all feature length. They still have new episodes in production too.

It was aired here in the United States on A&E and on the Biography Channel but the episodes on this DVD set is the first part of Series 12 which has never been seen in the United States. There is a great guest cast list including, Jason Hughes as Barnaby’s protégé Detective Sergeant Ben Hughes, Susannah Harker, Benjamin Whitrow, David Haig, David Bamber, Phillip Jackson and Alice Krige.

Midsomer Murders, Set 17
comes with 4 of the feature length episodes which will keep you entertained for approximately 100 minutes on each one.

The Mysteries include:

1.    The Dogleg Murders – Seems to be an epidemic of murders at the swanky Whiteoaks Golf Club, is there some connection to the 13th hole? The good detective investigates.
2.    The Black Book – A series of murders at a local art auction has Barnaby investigating.
3.     Secrets and Spies – Someone is killing sheep in Midsomer County but before they can be found they move on to larger prey.
4.     The Glitch – Fatal repercussions occur when a local scientist tries to prevent an American millionaire from his latest business venture.

I have to warn the viewer that there is some quick flashes of nudity in this DVD set along with some gruesome scenes that might not be suitable for children.

Midsomer Murders, Set 17 is a 4 volume boxed set and it comes with bonus features including cast interviews, fascinating facts and production notes.

The DVD set goes on sale on February 22. 2011 so if you click on the Amazon link above you can pre-order your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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