I have to admit I do love watching a good mystery. MidSomer Murders, Set 16 was inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham, and we have four different feature length mysteries that have never been see in the US but now for the first time they are available on DVD. As a bonus included there is a commentary by John Nettles, who plays Tom Barnaby and Jane Wymark who plays Barnaby’s wife, Joyce.

We have a combination of quirky characters and surprising mysteries. Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby has his earnest, efficient protégé, Detective Sergeant Ben Jones working with him once again. Also starring in Set 16 are Simon Williams, Pooky Quesnel, Ronald Pickup and Tim Pigott-Smith.

The mysteries included in this set are Midsomer Life, The Magician’s Nephew, Days of Misrule and Talking to the Dead.

Midsomer Life – The owner and editor of the magazine Midsummer Life, Guy Sandys is well-known for the unfavorable articles he publishes in the magazine but when he is found dead the investigators find themselves forced to dig into Sandys past. They find a tangles web of affairs, criminal associations and blackmail. When Joyce gets involved putting herself into a great deal of danger, the investigation gets personal for Barnaby.

The Magician’s Nephew – When Barnaby and Jones finds out that there is a secret pagan cult that calls Midsomer County home, when one of the cults more prominent members has been murdered. At first suspicion fell on the author of a book alleging that the sect’s ritual are only the product of drink and an overactive imagination, but when other members of the cult are killed in an unusual manner, Barnaby has to figure out if witchcraft is the blame for it all.

Days of Misrule – Barnaby and Jones are attending an exasperating exercise which is run by the chief superintendent who is young and overly ambitious. They are excused from the exercise when an explosion at a trucking company which is operated by a man who happens to be the most hated man in town. While investigation goes on Barnaby and Jones both figure out that the intended victim had many enemies from the townswomen, even his own grandmother.

Talking to the Dead – Two couples go missing from the sleepy village of Monks Barton, which causes the village people to start rumors of supernatural causes. The local priest in the village claims that the woods are being haunted by the ghosts of monks that were slaughtered back in the 16th century, there. When more bodies are found when a local psychic shows up offering his services but this is not what Barnaby wants. He more or less thinks it is more of an earthly culprit.

To say the least I would highly recommend MidSomer Murders, Set 16 if you like murder mysteries. The set has the 4 volumes and running time for each volume is about 100 minutes. If you would like to get your copy of MidSomer Murders, Set 16 just click on the Amazon link above. It goes on sale on September 28, 2010. It can be pre-ordered.

Jan Barrett

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