If you enjoy mystery series then you will probably enjoy Midsomer Murders Set 14. There are 4 contemporary stand-alone British mysteries included and it is now available on DVD for the first time in the U.S. It debuts on DVD starting February 23, 2010. The feature length mysteries in set 14 have never been aired in the U.S. but now the U.S. audiences will be able to enjoy them in their homes on DVD.

Midsomer Murders was inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham, modern master of the English village mystery. It combines its quirky characters and surprising mysteries with postcard-perfect English Village settings and the charming John Nettles as the steady, unfailing decent Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby.

Also starring in this mystery set is Jason Hughes as the inspector’s earnest efficient protégé. We see as guest stars The British Comedy Award winner Stephanie Cole from Doc Martin, Chris Barrie and Olivier Award Winner Claire Higgins.

The stand-alone mysteries include:

Death and Dust – The impending marriage of a widowed doctor and a well to do divorcee motivate a murder of mistaken identity.

Picture of Innocence – Someone tries to frame Barnabyand not for a portrait during a shooting war between rival camera clubs.

They Seek Him Here
– We find a movie crew starting to film an adventure classic set during the French Revolution which literally causes heads to roll.

Death in a Chocolate Box – Two of Barnaby’s former colleagues that are now the managers of a halfway house are haunted by a long-buried scandal.

Midsomer Murders aired in the UK back in 1997 and since then more than 70 feature-length episodes have aired with new episodes still in production. To get your copy of the DVD set just click on the Amazon icon at the top of the page.

Jan Barrett

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