This DVD set is a must to have if you are a fan of murder mysteries. Once again we have John Nettles starring in the role of Midsomer’s unflappable Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. The DVD set includes 10 of his favorite episodes filled with witty and revealing production anecdotes taken from the first six seasons of the best selling series.

Of course his original sidekick, Daniel Casey co-stars along with him. Nettles explains why each episode holds a special place in his heart.

There are 10 full length standalone mysteries all set in England’s perilous Midsomer County. They all come from previously released series all based on the books written by Caroline Graham

The individual episodes included in this DVD set are:

1.    How it all Began: The Killings at Badger’s Drift – Detective Barnaby looks for a specific flower that could possibly hold the key to the murder of a retired school teacher.
2.    Favorite Story Line: Blue Herrings – While he is supposed to be on vacation to paint hi8s house, Barnaby gets involved with the investigation of a death and burglary that happened at the nursing home where his Aunt Alice is staying at while recovering fro an illness.
3.    Favorite Leading Lady: A Worm in the Bud – A young girl and boy take an interest in one of Barnaby’s investigations after they find a woman dying in Setwale Wood.
4.    Best Location: Dark Autumn – A postman is murdered and others are murdered afterwards.
5.    Funniest Moments: Dead Man’s Eleven – Barnaby doesn’t even want to visit much less move to Fletcher’s Cross but his wife, Joyce does.
6.    Most Intriguing Crime: Death of a Hollow Man – A prop knife turns up to be real on the stage where Joyce has a bit part in. During the play an actor slits his own throat with the knife before anyone realizes it is real and not fake.
7.    Most Difficult to Film: The Electric Vendetta – An Author proves to be a real nuisance for Barnaby during one of his investigations.
8.    Most Dramatic Episode: Murder on St. Malley’s Day – While visiting with friends at the Devington School on the same day as the annual foot race is, one of the boys comes back bleeding to death.
9.    Most Bizarre Episode: A Talent for Life – A widow that loves fast driving and champagne picnics has a lucky streak just before she is beaten to death.
10.    Favorite Episode: Strangler’s Wood – A woman suspects her husband killed a cigarette spokes model which Barnaby investigates. The problem is it interferes with Barnaby trying to bond with Cully, his daughter.

The original Midsomer Murders first aired in the United Kingdom in 1997. There have been more than 80 feature length episodes aired and there are more in production. IT aired here in the US on A&E and on the Biography Channel. All the series included in this set were previously released on DVD in sets 1 – 6.

The set includes 10 discs with the ten mysteries totaling to about 16 ½ hours air time.

If you would like to get your own copy of this DVD set, Midsomer Murders Barnaby’s Top 10 please click on the Amazon link above and I hope you enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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