Michael Kevin Taylor, better known as Mick Taylor was born on January 17, 1949 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (England) and was raised in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Taylor’s name is recognized best for his part as a member of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and of the Rolling Stones which he resigned from in December of 1974.

Taylor’s preference for music includes the blues, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll and he plays the slide guitar extremely well. He landed the job with the Rolling Stones when Mick Jagger fired guitarist and founding member, Brian Jones. Jagger approached John Mayall of the Bluesbreakers asking his advice on who to hire to replace Jones. Mayall recommended Taylor. When Taylor arrived he thought he was invited to work as a session musician. Once he realized he was being auditioned as the band’s new guitarist he gave such a great performance that he impressed Jagger so much that they invited him to come back which eventually led him to become a member of the band.

In December of 1974 Taylor announced to the band at a party that he was quitting and he turned around and walked out which came as a shock to everyone. Years later during an interview with the Rolling Stones magazine Mick Jagger said that Taylor never explained to them why he quit. He just assumed that Taylor wanted to have a solo career but he did say he thought Taylor found it difficult to get on with Keith Richards.

Since his resignation with the Rolling Stones, Taylor went on to work on several projects which eventually led him to sign on a solo recording deal with CBS Records. In 1979 he released his solo album titled Mick Taylor, released by CBS Records. When sales weren’t what they were hoping for CBS recommended to him to try promoting the album through American radio stations but they weren’t willing to back him with support for a tour. Taylor was at this point frustrated with it so much that he decided to take a break away from the music world for about a year.

Once back in the music business in 1981 Taylor did tours in Europe and The United States and in 1983 he appeared on Bob Dylan’s album, Real Live and the follow up studio album, Empire Burlesque.

Mick Taylor Band – The Tokyo Concert was superbly backed by Max Middleton, Jeff Allen, Kuma Harada and Denny Newman.

The tracklist on this DVD includes:

•    Secret Affair
•    Twisted Sister
•    Losing My Faith
•    You Shook Me
•    Burying Ground
•    Blind Willie McTell
•    No Expectations

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Jan Barrett

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