I know this will not endear me to the millions of fans that idolized Michael Jackson, but in my mind at least, calling him the King Of Pop, is right up there with calling Twinkie Bars fine dining! Of course many people might disagree with my analysis, but private views are just that.

Michael Jackson – The Life And Times Of The King Of Pop 1958-2009 is a retrospective of Michael Jackson’s life by Rick Burton and Wilson Ebiye. I put this DVD in the player and had low expectations, I was not disappointed.

Much of the footage is from the tribute service, there is little that we have not seen a gazzilion times before.

On the bright side they do have Stevie Wonder’s great performance. On the downside they also have Al Sharpton whining on, and on, and on….

Of course a funeral is no place to trash anyone, so we should not be surprised by Al Sharpton’s remarks.

Usher is also featured, I am not sure that the acoustics really fitted his performance, but, he tried.

The DVD keeps on after the tribute. A bunch of interviews with ‘the man in the street.’ Without doubt, this had me gagging.

There is a brief clip from his appearance with Madonna in early 2009. Fun for what it is, but in reality what is it?

For the Michael Jackson fan this DVD will be a must have, for the rest of us, I doubt that we would even crack the DVD case.

You can order your copy from Amazon. Just click on the advert.

Simon Barrett

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