I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. The only other country I have ever been in is Canada. I have never been to Europe, or Asia and not even to Mexico. I have however traveled all up and down the east coast in the U.S. I have been to cities like Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New York, Denver, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco but have always wondered what it would be like visiting places like London or Paris or any of the other famous cities around the world.

This DVD, Megacities, which is filmed on location in five of the world’s largest cities, brings you to the best of the high rise buildings to the swarming slum areas in each city.

You host is Andrew Marr, who is a BAFTA-winning journalist. He explores how each of the five cities’ structures defines every aspect of their inhabitant’s daily lives. He also shows us how the great urban centers represent the human future of the planet.

The cities that Marr brings you to include, London, England (which is one of the oldest ones), the fastest growing one, Dhaka, Bangladesh, the largest which is Tokyo, Japan, one of the most hazardous, Mexico City, Mexico, and one that actually considers themselves as the new world capital, Shanghai, China.

The DVD covers three episodes which are listed below:

1.    Living in the City
2.    Cities on the Edge
3.    Sustaining the City

There is bonus features included with the DVD, Megacities. You get a 12-page viewer’s guide with a timeline and articles on the growth of a megacity, the first cities, the made-to-order city and more. There is also a biography of Andrew Marr included, plus the most “livable” cities. The total running time is approximately 172 minutes. There is a warning that there is some violent content and some graphic images that might disturb you.

So if you are interested in learning more about these great cities click on the Amazon link above and get your own copy of Megacities. It’s street date is today, August 21, 2012.

Jan Barrett

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