Mariah has a wonderful vocal range, and she picks her material with great care, which is more than can be said for her wardrobe. Attired in little more than her microphone she kicks off the concert with It’s Like That. I have never been able to understand why talented artists feel the need to go for the ‘sex’ aspect, they don’t need it, great talent stands alone.

This is a wonderful 2 DVD set, and if you are a Mariah Carey fan you absolutely need this one in your collection. The playlist is compendious, and all of the songs well known. There is one though that stands out One Sweet Day, the history behind this song is unique, it was written as a collaboration between Mariah Carey and the band ‘Boyz II Men’. One Sweet Day may be best known as a Boyz II Men song, but this DVD reveals the true history. The concert was recorded in Anaheim, Southern California, and on this night, Boyz II Men come on stage to perform the song with Mariah.

This one song incidentally topped the Billboard hot 100 chart for 16 straight weeks! This is no mean feat.

The second DVD contains some interviews and historical background. But, for the consummate Mariah fan, there is the ultimate feature, a Karaoke feature. You too can be Mariah in the privacy of your own home! I have never seen this idea done before on a mainstream DVD, but with her popularity I am sure it will be a big hit with her fans.

You can get your own copy of The Adventures Of Mimi from your local store, or online through Best Buy.

Simon Barrett

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