ManticoreWhen a pair of Iraqis make off with a mysterious medallion during the looting of a museum, they get more than the reward they were promised. Suddenly a monstrous winged lion with a scoripion tail straight from the pages of an ancient myth is brought to life to wreak havoc on a small Iraqi town. One thing leads to another, and before you can say, “Wait is this really happening?” a small group of soldiers is the only hope for destroying the beast and protecting the village of Al-Kumar from complete destruction.

Unfortunately for viewers, the village has already been devastated before the army arrives… that is except for three blocks of pecking chickens and broken windows, you know, just enough village to fit in one studio lot. When a reckless female reporter from the cleverly invented news venue “GNN” heads for the small town looking for a scoop on WMD, she and her cameraman find something bigger and more dangerous.

With much frenetic camerawork, cartoony CGI, and a few gunfight scenes pulled straight from first-person shooter games, Manticore manages to reduce the war in Iraq to a point-and-fire schlockfest. This film may have barely cut it as a movie of the week on the SciFi channel, but as a feature-length DVD, it falls flat on its half-lion/half-dragon face.

Zach’s Rating: F
Perfect For: Those who wish movies were more like videogames
Stay Away if: Current events and shoddy sci-fi just don’t mix

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