Richard Bradford stars in this DVD set Man In A Suitcase Set 1, as the US spy Mac McGill with a quick temper. He is no longer welcome in the US after he has been accused of treason by his American bosses.

McGill, who is an avid chain smoker decides to become a private detective on the side in London while he works to clear his name and his reputation after he was wrongfully dismissed by his bosses in US Intelligence. The detective business takes him all over and it doesn’t take long before he is on a collision course with the British authorities, the Soviets, and his old colleagues in American espionage. Now he finds himself on the run as he makes himself a lot of enemies which is probably what made his hair turn grey.

He has very few friends. In his line of business there is no time for a long term relationship with any woman, in fact he is lucky if he can find the time at all with any woman. He is known to use his skills in karate, a skill that he prefers over his gun. Although he always carries one, just in case!

This boxed set has 15 episodes on 4 discs. In the episode called “Day of Execution” we get to see guest star Donald Sutherland playing as an old college buddy of McGill’s that McGill has to look out for. In another episode he tries to find a man that he knows can help clear his name. Each episode is filled with action and suspense.

Other guests include, James Grout, Anton Rodgers, Nicola Pagett, Peter Vaughan, Stuart Damon and Judy Geeson. The total air time is approximately 779 minutes. There is a photo gallery included as an added bonus. This action-packed Cold War Drama aired on TV on ABC in the late 1960’s so I am sure a lot of you might remember the series.

The late 60’s were a mecca for great and groundbreaking TV series, Man In A Suitcase, Set 1 was one of the series that has forever changed TV. Dated it maybe, but somehow it makes the series even better. The Cold War was a seedy time in history, seedy men, working for seedy organizations, with seedy goals. Man In A Suitcase, Set 1 encapsulates  the mood of the day so much better than could ever be created on TV today.

Man In A Suitcase goes on sale on January 25, 2011 but if you want to reserve your own copy you can click on the Amazon link above and pre-order one.

Jan Barrett

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