Lytton’s Diary: Complete Collection is a captivating British drama that comes to North American home video on August 3, 2010 from Acorn Media. The series was so popular that it spawned a novelization.

Peter Bowles plays the suave Fleet Street reporter, Neville Lytton that has the ability to find scandals, whether he is chasing an exclusive scoop or getting mixed up in office romance. As a completely entertaining drama it follows Lytton as he discovers the secrets of the wealthy and powerful ones.

Neville Lytton is London’s gossip columnist that has a sophisticated charm that makes a tenacious commitment to his job. Lytton finds himself dealing with banking tycoons and ex-dictators or on a case where he is investigating a gang of skinheads. Part of his job would be to expose the high and mighty, and the corrupt and the crooked but one thing for sure is that he has to make sure he can keep his boss happy so he will be able to keep his job.

Lytton has his hands full trying to keep his love life going strong. He decides to write the one novel that he feels he has in his mind to write and he has to fend off the constant machinations and maneuvers of an old rival from the Daily Post. Dealing with all of this has become part of his daily grind and grist for the scandalous news mill.

This DVD set, Lytton’s Diary: Complete Collection has 4 discs with 12 episodes from the series two seasons. It was aired on PBS in the 1990’s. Each of these episodes comes with a new adventure. The guest stars include Edward Hardwicke, John Hallman, Mel Martin and Trevor Peacock. The total run time is approximately 597 minutes, but I must warn you that it does contain some nudity.

To get your copy of Lytton’s Diary: Complete Collection click on the Amazon link above and you will be on your way to just under 10 hours of great entertainment in your own home.

Jan Barrett

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