lwd-dvd-cover.JPGI am a fan of wild traveling adventures. In the mid 90’s I drove from Sand Diego to Detroit, this was no Cannon Ball run! It took over two weeks, and I had a blast. I wandered from town to town, looking up people I had met online, either socially or via work. About a month ago I persuaded my wife that instead of flying from Calgary, Alberta to New Orleans, Louisiana, we should make an adventure out of it. Lets face it, how much fun can you have watching the world whoosh by 35,000 feet below?

After plying her with a large amount of rum she agreed to try my idea. Three Canadian Provinces, and Seven US states in four days, 2,500 miles of tarmac, courtesy of Greyhound Bus Lines! We survived, and my wife is talking to me again, though I doubt I could con her into that trip again with all the rum in Jamaica!
A Long Way Down is a 3 DVD set that contains the 10 episodes and 2 hours of bonus material. I really enjoyed the slightly rotund Matthew Fort book Eating Up Italy where he rode a very underpowered Vespa and ate everything in sight! I also have enjoyed watching the very funny Alton Brown, as he and his motley crew cross America on their motorbikes in search of the best ‘Road food’.

I popped A Long Way Down into one of my portable DVD players and hit play!

I was not disappointed, this series is a must see. The plan? To drive motorcycles from John O Groats (the northern most point in Great Britain) to Cape Town at the very Southern tip of Africa.

This is adventuring in the classic spirit. “it is not the snakes that will kill you in Africa, it is the humans that you need to be scared about” one security expert offers. There are other worries, should they put bullet proof glass in the support vehicle? “The problem with hardening the vehicle is that if something bad happens, you can’t get out. And getting out and away quickly is important, it is better to wear body armor.”

Can our intrepid team make it? Led by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman this DVD set is reality TV taken to new heights.

With over 13 hours of viewing potential, you likely will want to watch this by the episode. It is for that reason that I have decided to review this one in chunks! Check back for the next segment, Great Britain tip to toe. Long Way Down covers 1500 miles in 85 days with cameras rolling all the way.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon, but that would be cheating! I have not finished reviewing it!

More later. Oh and here is a teaser!

Simon Barrett

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