Canada is a peaceful country, most of the folks residing here spend most of the time shoveling snow from the sidewalks and saying ‘eh’. April Wine from Halifax, Nova Scotia are the exception, these guys are hard rockers. I believe they have recorded over 20 albums in their career which started back in 1969.

Live In London is a DVD showcasing a concert from 1981. The footage comes from a two night gig at the very famous Hammersmith Odeon in London, which incidentally was one of my stomping grounds in the 70’s (man I am getting old!).

It is great to watch these ‘vintage’ concerts. The early 80’s were the golden years for the ‘Hair Bands’ and April Wine definitely qualify as a hair band. Permed to the max, April Wine show us the way it was.

I have never considered April Wine to be a cutting edge band, the compositions are based on well tried and true formulas, but they do put in a good solid performance. Stellar they may not be, innovative they may not be, Hair Bands are what they are! And that mainly is fun to watch.

You can get your trip ‘Back to the future’ with April Wine from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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