Little PlaydatesWith bouncy, xylophonic music, hypnotically repetitive├é┬ávocals and shot after shot of tiny tots playing with tinier critters (and big critters too), the new title in the Little Playdates series, Critter Friends, is everything a toddler wants and everything most parents just don’t understand. Interspersed throughout the shots of kids playing with animals are kid-friendly messages like “Be Nice To Critters” and “We’re Sharing.” Kids are sure to be enthralled and parents are sure to be left wondering what goes on in kids’ minds.

But this series has been kid tested and endorsed by the president of the National Autism Association, a fact made evident by the Autism Awareness commercial before the show begins. Whether the kids are at a petting zoo, playing with reptiles or checking out aquatic animals, they’re always smiling and playing with each other, sending out positive vibes to kids watching (the upbeat music doesn’t hurt either).

Zach’s Rating As a 3 year old: A
Perfect For: A non-episodic, live-action kids’ show
Stay Away if: You don’t like your kids watching tv at all
Watch For: The Zoolander-ish interjections throughout by kids (“Let’s share the critters”)

To purchase Little Playdates – Critter Friends, visit Little Playdates: Critter Friends

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