This is not a DVD for wimps. I pretty much can handle anything, but at 6am on a Sunday morning even I found this one a little tough to take.

Rap (esque) is not a style I like. I can find very few redeeming features in this so called music genre. If you like it, and you like Limp Bizkit, you will want to pick up a copy. However if your IQ exceeds your hat size, you likely will want to avoid this DVD by several hundred miles.

When Mr Limp, Or should that be Mr Bizkit, sheds the bad black rapper persona, we find a pretty average white singer. I am pretty sure that Simon Cowel would boot him off American Idol faster than a cruise missile hitting an Al Quieda safe house.

On a scale of one to ten I give this DVD a score of minus several million.

If you do, for some unknown reason feel the need to purchase this travesty of the music world, MVD has it, but my advice would be to seek professional help first. As they say in the opening credits of Myth Busters “Don’t try this at home, we are what you call, quote, experts”. Actually I have just checked the MVD web site, and they are claiming no credit for this travesty. A SKU search on MVDV4743 brings up zero results. If this had happened about 6 weeks ago, I would have assumed it was an April Fools prank.

Mr Limp, or if indeed it is Mr Bizkit my suggestion is that you check into your local community college with the idea of getting some re-training, with the idea of a new start, and certainly a new profession, clearly music is not your trump card.

Simon Barrett

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