Lil' Bush: Resident of United States - Season TwoAs George W. Bush’s second term as president comes to a close, it’s fairly safe to say that the gaffe-prone politician has become the most mocked and parodied president this nation has ever had. Most presidents can expect to see their likenesses dashed on Saturday Night Live or late night talk shows, but almost immediately upon entering office the short-lived Trey Parker and Matt Stone show “That’s My Bush” appeared briefly on Comedy Central. Years later, Comedy Central has a second Bush-centered show, the animated “Lil’ Bush.” And while the animated show isn’t quite as funny or as memorable as the live action one, it appears that, if nothing else, America is more prepared to laugh at their president. And so, the second season of “Lil’ Bush” is now being released on DVD.

 The second season (subtitled “Staying the Courses”) is a double-disc set including 10 episodes and a decent amount of bonus features (including an interview with the show’s creator Donick Cary). The entire cast is back (not much difficulty there, considering they’re animated), as well as a few new characters. The most welcome addition is Lil’ Obama, voiced by comedian Tim Meadows. Other characters (new and returning) include Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Rummy (voiced by Iggy Pop), Lil’ Hilary, Lil’ Pelosi, Lil’ Al Gore, Lil’ John Kerry, Barbara Bush, and George Sr.

“Lil’ Bush” is a relatively shallow mockery of the president and his cronies (Lil’ Rummy, Lil’ Condi, and Lil’ Cheney) with a side helping of left-wing skewering towards Lil’ Al Gore, Lil’ John Edwards, and Lil’ Hilary. The writers manage to throw in side-stories that tend to be less politically charged, which is helpful. But whether Bush and his cronies are finding out the joys of popping pills, putting on a St. Patrick’s Day Parade or spending a weekend with Saddam, viewers can expect some typical Bush-apropisms and slight politcal jokes. The best episode included here is “Pootie-poot” where Lil’ Vladmir Putin shows up bare-chested riding a giant bear. It’s the kind of caricature that is rivaled only by the Karl Rove miniature MC Rove (Kevin Federline) from the first episode in this second season.

What is most striking about the show is how it can be hilarious in small doses. This is most evident in the web clips available in the bonus features on both discs, as well as the short clips that typically show before commercial breaks involving brief statements from various characters. Perhaps as a series of shorts this show may have more successfully maintained a solid sense of humor.

Bottom Line – “Lil’ Bush” is a relatively funny animated show full of standard political jabs that works better in short form than its current thirty minute episode styling.

Zach’s Rating: C-
Perfect For: Those who want to laugh at politicians without being political
Stay Away if: You like your mockery to be a bit more clever

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