There is little doubt that Leonard Cohen was the voice of a generation. His anti war message during the Vietnam conflict rang loud and often. Was he poet, folk musician, writer, or activist? In my mind he was all of the above.

While others might disagree with me, I place Leonard Cohen in the same ‘box’ as Joni Mitchell and the ubiquitous Donovan. They all took huge risks to their careers to explain the world as they saw it.

Leonard Cohen, and his loose group of fellow artists would push the envelope of the anti war message.

Lonesome Heroes is not a long lost, dusted off, remastered tape, it is an in depth look at the man, his influence on music, and a whole generation.

There is little doubt that Leonard Cohen’s first love was poetry. Poetry is not an art form  that has worked well since the Gutenberg days, poetry was a way that stories could be moved from generation to generation in an oral form. The rhyme and meter prevented the story being changed.

Leonard Cohen admits that major influences on him were Irving Layton and the Spanish bard Federico Garcia Lorca.

It likely will come as no surprise that this DVD also mentions Bob Dylan and Judy Collins. Dylan is well known for his anti war songs. Judy Collins is less known as an activist.  Her best known hit being Send In The Clowns.

Cohen is a driving force in the music world.

Lonesome Heroes is a chance to peek behind the curtains of this great musician.

My favorite extra on this DVD  is the Special Feature ‘Cohen by Collins’ – Judy Collins speaks about her love for the music of Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen Lonesome Heroes goes on sale on October 19, 2010. To get your copy reserved click on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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