I had the chance to review, Legacy: The Origins of Civilization, hosted by Oxford-educated Michael Wood. The three DVD set takes an in-depth examination of the origins of the worlds most ancient civilizations, and relates the historical connections to present humanity. The collection is a remarkable telling of human history from the most ancient roots in the world’s cradle of civilization, Iraq up through the rise of the Barbarians in Europe.

The entire collection is a superlative collection of great videography, filmed at locations all over the world. What is most interesting about the series is that it reaches out and demands the viewer to intellectually interact with the presentations by challenging the basic premises on which our entire global society is founded.

As part of the narrative, the series follows multiple civilizations, from Iraq to India, to China…the Aztecs and the Maya and finally to the foundations of Western Europe. During the entire documentary, the most basis concepts of religion, social order, eternal life and other fundamental questions shared by all civilizations is explored.

This DVD not only is one that educates the viewer regarding the intrinsic issues that were of prominent concern to our ancestors, but uniquely illustrates how they relate to the modern world as well. Despite the centuries and the distances between all of these unique cultures, the human condition is revealed as quite similar despite the human differences.

Individuals interested in a better understanding of the roots and origins of our global society from our most primitive roots of human evolution will enjoy this DVD series. It is a fresh and challenging look at human civilization, of which we are the inheritors.

The DVD is available from Acorn Media Group. Their website is http://acornonline.com

The 3 DVD set is $59.99


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