LeapFrog Presents A Tad of Christmas CheerAs young Tad Frog makes the rounds on Christmas Eve, singing and dancing through his hometown of Alphaville, he can’t hold in his excitement for the next morning. But at home, he begins to feel a bit neglected as his entire family is preparing for the arrival of a new baby, due on Christmas Day.

As Tad sulks in his room, his magical “fairy god-bug” Edison arrives to teach him a Christmas lesson. Paying a slight homage to A Christmas Story, Edison shows him what the world would be like if Tad had never existed. Along the way, kids will learn that every person is valued and appreciated, even when they may not feel it.

There are some impressive little ditties littered throughout this half hour special, and the story itself is actually surprisingly well done. Playing out like a Christmas episode of your favorite cartoon, A Tad of Christmas Cheer is sure to bring smiles to any tot’s face and leave parents equally satisfied.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Entertaining the little ones and sending a positive message at the same time
Stay Away if: Anthropomorphism scares you

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