Imagine how you would feel when suddenly you wake up from a deep sleep and you find yourself inside a dark coffin that is locked and you can’t get out?

That is what happened in Laid To Rest, an all out horror movie where a young woman, played by Bobbi Sue Luther who also co-produced the movie, and to make matters worse she has no recollection as to who she is or how she got there. She realizes that somehow she has been hurt and has a major head wound.

She manages to rock the coffin and finally gets it to flip over which breaks the lock and frees her from the casket, but when she looks around she has no idea where she is. A locked room, the one hope might be the window in the locked door. There is a man standing there, in fact he seems intent on getting the door unlocked to get her out.

Horror is a wonderful genre, as her would be savior tries to open the door, he is attacked by someone or something wearing a Chrome-Skull mask. Needless to say, it is a messy scene.

She sees the maniac killer has this metal skull mask, a shoulder mounted video camera on him and he seemed to have this ferocious need to not only kill someone but to slaughter them.

Now starts the chase. She manages to get out of the room and finds someone to help her on the road. When the man takes her home with him to try and find more help the killer manages to show up there too and death once again follows the girl.

It appears that no matter where she goes he finds her. The psychopath that is following her all over leaving a trail of death behind him apparently wants her dead and doesn’t want to stop until he kills her.

By the time the end of this movie comes around you will be surprised.

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They also have an official website.

Jan Barrett

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