Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler.After his half-hour special was excitedly well-received, Kyle Cease was next commissioned by Comedy Central to perform a full hour. Taking the stage at the Moore Theatre in Seattle for his enigmatically titled special, Cease wastes no time getting down to the comedy. Reminiscing about the time his father (or maybe it was his mother) took him to see Ellen (or maybe it was Bill Cosby… or a band) at the Moore (or maybe it was the Paramount), he’s just warming the audience up to his unending ADD comedic style.

With jokes ranging from how the Pillsbury Doughboy is a jerk to how stupid hydraulics are to performing at a midget convention, Cease manages to maintain a mile-a-minute tempo for an entire hour. His energy is infectious and as he spins jokes off into random tangents of varying degrees of hilarity, he makes it clear that he’s in control of the situation. His side-notes can be a bit distracting and redundant at times, though for the most part they connect, bringing a sense of spontaneity and excitement to his bits.

Cease may be young (30), but he’s already a well-honed comedy machine. There are a few kinks to work out, such as his repeated statements of what his hand gestures mean and the repetition that results when he goes off topic for too long, but otherwise he’s got it together. This hour-long set is alternately side-splittingly funny and slightly off-kilter wacky. The last 15 minutes slow the set down a bit as Cease’s initial gimmick begins to wear off. Like most ADD-related performers, he works best in short, quick blasts.

Included on the DVD is a feature-length documentary entitled Comedy 101, filmed and edited by Kyle’s younger brother Kevin. What starts out as a slightly overdone portrait of an older brother eventually turns into an informative documentary of a comedian. An otherwise typical documentary cataloging the three months leading up to Kyle’s special, the inclusion of the short TV spoof “Real World- Dayton, OH” offers the most laughs of the DVD as Kyle’s friend Bob repeatedly wakes him up no matter where he tries to sleep in the house. Another short clip of Kyle being interviewed for a radio station and discussing Lord Cornbury, a cross-dressing mayor, offers additional comic insight into Kyle’s daily life.

Zach’s Rating: B-
Perfect For: An hour of uneven, chaotic comedy
Stay Away if: You like jokes laid out and delivered in a timely manner

For more information on Kyle Cease, visit his homepage
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