Kiss - Kissology, Vol. 3: 1992-2000 (Ltd. Edition 5 disc set)After being on sale for a little over a week, this third (and supposedly final) entry into the KISSOLOGY collection has already sold over 50,000 copies, making it the most sought after KISS set yet. Featuring several memorable concerts in their (near) entirety and the MTV Unplugged show as well, KISSOLOGY Vol. 3 has more than enough footage to keep any fan happy, though a few song omissions may leave true diehards a bit peeved. For the record, it seems most song omissions are simply to reduce the amount of track duplication from concert to concert – though it could be argued that the songs would be different from performance to performance anyway.

Disc one kicks the set off with the 1992 Auburn Hills concert in Detroit, a rocking show and a well-edited and presented effort on the part of the film compilers. Numerous shots of the audience give viewers a “you are there” feeling. Disc one also includes the MTV Unplugged Show in 1995 (the first public performance of the original lineup since 1979) as well as a brief Behind the Scenes look at events leading up to the recording of the show. The second disc inculdes Tiger Stadium (also in Detroit) in 1996, the MTV VMA Brooklyn Bridge Performance, and Dodger Stadium in 1998 – which is continued on the third disc. Disc Three also contains the 1999 Detroit Rock City premiere party in LA and the New Jersey Continental Airlines Arena show from the Kiss Farewell Tour.

Each of the first three discs includes almost three hours of footage, but the fourth disc (while only 43 minutes in length) is the real treasure here: a restored and remastered December 1973 show at Coventry in Queens, New York (side note: remember that remastered doesn’t mean that it’s perfect quality – this is footage from 1973 after all). An additional bonus disc covering a 1996 show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, California is also included and features almost an hour of their biggest hits, including “Detroit Rock City,” “Rock and Roll All Nite,” and “Shock Me.”

A small booklet in the DVD set is a welcome addition as it includes numerous candid quotes from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Bruce Kulick. As Stanley says on the final page, “KISS deserves to continue no matter who is in it. Once again, it really is not about the four but about the fortunate who get to be in this band. We’ve had a great run with all different members and the future always looks bright, as long as theres a stage, a guitar, and a great big bomb to blow up.” As long as there’s a fanbase, there will be a KISS, and with the sales levels of the KISSOLOGY series, it’s pretty clear there’s at least a few more years left in this diehard rock band.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: The diehard KISS fan who will never have enough
Stay Away if: You’re a fan of early KISS or not a fan at all

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