In this compelling and thought provoking series from creator Patrick Harbinson revolved around master negotiator Dominic King, King puts himself in the line of fire to bring kidnapped victims home starting from the first phone call with the kidnappers to risky excursions into exotic and dangerous locales.

Played with steely restraint by veteran actor Trevor Eve, King has a brash negotiating style that lands him in hot water with publicity-minded police and politicians. His unconditional tactics also draw ire from the British Foreign Office, as well as his wife, Sophie (Natasha Little) and business partner Angela (Helen Baxendale).

This DVD set, Kidnap & Ransom, Complete Series 1 & 2, includes 2 discs with 6 episodes:

Disc 1 (Series 1)
Episode 1 – A British scientist, Naomi Shaffer in South Africa is kidnapped by a pair of street thugs that are demanding an impossible ransom of $2 million for her release.

Episode 2 – Dominic finds clues about a second kidnapping gang with help from Inspector Lanning, but Dominic’s involvement with the case, causes problems with his wife and daughter, Tess.

Episode 3 – The scientist Naomi’s daughter is kidnapped by Willard’s gang. King tries to solve his family problems. While working on the case though, he finds that Willard isn’t his only adversary.

Disc 2 (Series 2)
Episode 1 – A bus filled with tourists is taken over by two gun-wielding kidnappers leaving Dominic to diffuse the situation before the police take over.

Episode 2 – When kidnappers learn that one of the hostages is the daughter of a powerful government figure, it makes negotiations end up in a hail of gunfire.

Episode 3 – When Dominic unravels the unlikely past of one of the captors he finds out that a third kidnapper is running the show from the shadows. When the main office only offers a deal to free one of the hostages, Dominic has other ideas that could free all the hostages or it could leave them all dead.

This DVD Set, Kidnap & Ransom, Complete Series 1 & 2, has a total run time of 276 minutes plus time for the bonus programming. It does contain some violence and some nudity. The bonus feature includes a 10 minute interview with Trevor Eve, introduction by writer Michael Crompton and kidnapping statistics. If you would like your own copy of Kidnap & Ransom, Complete Series 1 & 2, just click on the Amazon link above. I think you will enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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