I have a great love for British TV drama programs, there have been so many that I have enjoyed over the years that it is hard to pick a favorite. Actor John Thaw came to everyone’s notice as the rather gritty Inspector Morse. This role held a rather double edged sword over his head. Would he forever just be known as Inspector Morse? Many actors have found their careers curtailed by being pigeon holed in a single role. John Thaw is not one that lives in a single skin. Although he spent more than a decade as the iconic Inspector Morse and appeared in some 33 episodes, he did not become a slave to the role.

In 1995 John Thaw took on a new role James Kavanagh Q.C. I am sure that there are many people that have not heard the term Q.C. It stands for Queens Council. It is a British term for someone who has become a Judge in the highest echelons. Although there are many more Q.C’s than the US Supreme Court Justices, in some ways the role is similar. The Q.C. is at the very highest of the court system.

I was amazed how John Thaw had become a chameleon. Gone was the gritty Inspector swilling beers in the pub, and in was James Kavanagh Q.C.

The sign of a truly great actor is the ability to shake off a character and assume another, John Thaw has that ability.

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As Lou Reed told us, take a walk on the wild side.

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Simon Barrett

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