I am a huge fan of the Classic Album Under Review series. As a music reviewer I greatly enjoy hearing what others think about a singer or a band. Kate Bush may not be a household name on this side of the pond, but she certainly was a huge influence in British music. She hit the scene as a teenager in 1978, the late 70’s were a period of turmoil in the British music scene, the big bands had become aloof and distant from their fans. Those fans had started to find solace in Punk and Disco. The ‘Top 10’ read like a dogs breakfast. No clear direction, just a plethora of one hit wonders.

Kate Bush brought new life to the music scene with her dramatic single Wuthering Heights. A career was born.

Hounds Of Love was Kate Bush’s fifth album and hit the streets in 1985. Kate was impossible to pigeonhole, maybe today she would be classified as New Age, in the mid 80’s though she was viewed as just slightly weird.

Kate was a pioneer of using the electronic toys, and was an early adopter of the sampling techniques used today. Her multi layered tracks became a signature of this lady. Her weapon of choice was the Fairmont, a keyboard, screen, and processor/recording device that could be used to create almost any soundscape.  I don’t think anyone would argue with me that Kate Bush is the consummate queen of drama. Not in her private life, but in her music. To the best of my knowledge Kate Bush has only toured once by the time that Hounds Of Love came out. Her music was almost impossible to reproduce on stage.

The key to Kate’s success lay in the video world, I can think of few people that have created such wonderful videos.

You can order your copy of this very insightful peek inside the world of Hounds Of Love from MVD. You will also get to listen and watch many of the wonderful videos.

Simon Barrett


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