Slim Toning on a BallWhile most exercise enthusiasts (home exercise and gym-goers alike) may be familiar with Karen Voight’s long presence in the health and fitness arena (as an LA Times Health columnist, Hollywood trainer, and instructional video creator, among other things), some may not be aware of just how extensive her library of videos really is. First Look Studios is working to correct that. 

With that in mind, Voight and First Look have crafted a literal Six Pack with the release of six new workout videos designed and choreographed by Voight herself. Featuring varying types of workouts, the six separate DVDs incorporate different exercise styles ranging from a Yoga workout to an Exercise Ball workout. Each DVD offers its own perks and its own specific challenges.Quick and Slim

Some titles are self-explanatory: Firm Arms & Abs and Lean Legs & Butt state fairly explicitly what viewers will be working. Other videos, such as Quick & Slim - dedicated towards losing weight through a 30 minute cardio workout – require a little more examination. While each video is geared towards a specific workout, and a specific goal, they all feature Karen Voight doing what she does best: leading the viewer through an extensive, but relatively brief, workout.

As these videos are ostensibly aimed more at women than men, I took a different route than usual in reviewing them, asking my wife (a weekly gym-goer, exercise ball owner and running enthusiast) to step in and follow the workouts and report what she thought of them. Though the workouts are in no way specific to the female gender – in fact, men are ocasionally included as part of Voight’s workout squads – it seems fair to get a woman’s point of view.

Lean Legs and BunsAfter a few days of sweating, stretching and general exercising, her opinion was solidified. Slim Toning on a Ball was the definite favorite, though there’s an obvious bias there as she’s already an exercise ball user. While the shorter videos, such as the 40-minute Firm Arms & Abs and the 30-minute Quick & Slim provide decent workouts, she didn’t feel that there was enough time in these videos to really get a full exercise routine, and that the viewer would be best served by combining the two.

Additionally, the Yoga Power video was a well-executed and presented routine, allowing time for beginners to learn and more experienced practitioners to continue their yoga experience. The Pure & Simple Stretch video is also a handy and well-balanced approach to elongating your body and getting yourself prepared for harder workouts.

Her only complaints were that at times Voight seemd to be dedicating her workouts more towards expert exercisers and not providing enough information to those who may not be as familiar with her routines. With enough practice, though, anyone should be able to follow along to maintain a healthy body. Overall, it’s clear that Karen Voight is a well-known instructor for a reason, and regardless of the workout viewers are looking for, they’ll be able to find it in this new set.

Zach’s wife’s Rating: B-
Perfect For: A well-toned woman who wants to maintain her physical prowess
Stay Away if: You’re looking for a beginner’s workout

For more information on Karen Voight, visit her homepage
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