Living in a backwoods community would be expected to have some strange things going on among the people. Usually everyone knows everyone and they usually make their own laws and rules.

In this community there is a pit that controls the people. When it wants a sacrifice from one of the members living there, it sends a message to a local jug maker who makes a new jug out of ceramic, then places it in a kiln to dry. When it is ready it carries the face of the next person the people are to hand over to the Pit as a sacrifice in order to keep the community safe, as they all believe. If ignored unspeakable evil is unleashed and violent tragedy befalls the town as the surviving members realize that the pit wants what it wants.

Ada is a pregnant teenager living with her family in this community. Now the father of her baby can not be revealed for it would shame the family. The fact that she is no longer a virgin alone will already shame them.

Ada finds out that the new face on the jug that is to be the next sacrifice is her own. She panics so she takes the jug face and hides it in the woods because she doesn’t want to die. Soon afterwards she is warned that she will never get away with it and others will suffer until she does the right thing to fix this.

Ada tries running away but it is too late. Others are dying because of her decision to hide the jug face with her face on it. She realizes she has to make things right but at what sacrifice of her own does she has to make.

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Jan Barrett

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